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Virtual design drawings are one of the best forms of client communication in the home renovation industry. 3D concept illustrations are an impressive way to bring your ideas to life as well as raise the client's level of understanding beyond that of a written description. Virtual designs also enhance your proposals when competitively bidding on projects and help manage your client's expectations after the project has begun avoiding costly mistakes or re-dos. All renderings come with a 2D scalable concept plan along with doll house and 3D views. The 3D model is based on measurements you provide or, if in Atlanta, on-site measuring service is available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 3D renderings and 2D floor plans are concept drawings and will not have been reviewed by a licensed architect or contractor and are not warranted as construction- or permit-ready plans. Concept drawings are extremely helpful in communicating the general plan along with specific design details to your client or crew, but are not meant to replace the expertise of a licensed architect or contractor.

"Denise helps bring the vision to life for my clients. I highly recommend 3D Virtual Design.

MCG, Charlotte, NC

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