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After we have discussed the goals of your project, I'll need:

1. A narrated video or photos of the space as it currently is

2. A rough pencil drawing of the basic shape of the room(s) with measurements. SEE HOW TO MEASURE below. If you have an accurate builder's plan of the room, that is ideal but not required.  I often coach clients through the measuring process live over the phone and can record the measurements on my end. If you live in the Atlanta area, I can measure your space for you.

3. Inspiration photos of what you are hoping to achieve style-wise and even specific finishes

My Process Overview

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 3D renderings are concept drawings and will not have been reviewed by a licensed architect or contractor and are not warranted as construction- or permit-ready plans. Concept drawings are extremely helpful in communicating the general plan along with specific design details to home renovation professionals, but are not meant to replace their expertise.

1. Samples Client Sketches (click arrow)

2. Sample Client Photos (click arrow)


Anchor 1

1. Draw the shape of the room noting windows and doors on paper

2. Measure the FULL length and width of the room (use a partner to hold the tape measure from one wall to the other or use a laser measure)

3. Measure floor-to-ceiling height

4. Measure the baseboard height, floor to bottom of crown molding (if any) and width of window and door trim/casing

5. Then measure around the room in horizontal width segments to within an inch: corner to door opening, width of door opening, door to opposite corner, etc.

6. Also measure the inside height of all windows and the floor-to-top of sill

WATCH "How to Measure" (8 min)

Virtual Design Measurements

IMPORTANT: Measure to the INSIDE of windows and doors, bypassing the casing.

Virtual Design Measurements
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